Top 10 Most Popular Indonesian Actresses

Rabu, 4 Juli 2018 10:26 am

Indonesian actresses are very attractive and very talented. The actresses listed here are the best performers in their nation. Many of these female superstars perform on film, television and in theater. Their work can be seen everywhere and they inspire new generations of entertainers every day. Here is a list of the top 10 most popular Indonesian actresses in 2018.

10. Pevita Pearce

Most Popular Indonesian Actresses

Pevita Pearce is a young and hot Indonesia woman who is emerging within Indonesia as one of its finest stars. She has a great career in the making. Pearce is expected to play in bigger roles within future and she is a good entertainer who is set to start picking up roles in 2018. Pevita is also the daughter of a English father and this is one of the reasons why she looks so good.

9. Anggika Bolsterli

Most Popular Indonesian Actresses 2019

Anggika Bolsterli played a role in the film Youtubers back in 1995. Since that time, she has performed in other roles. As an actress, this young lady really likes her career. She has been performing for some time. As she matures she wants to take on more challenging roles. Anggika is still developing as a performer but eventually she will come into her own.

8. Alexa Key

Most Popular Indonesian Actresses

Alexa Key name is similar to Alicia Keys the famous R & B singer. Whereas Alicia Keys is a famous; Alexa Key is an actress on the rise. She is starting to get attention from everywhere and selecting the right roles will be very important at this time during her career. So far, this young lady has been signed up to do some really big box office hits and she has a good looking future ahead of her.

7. Manda Cello

Most Popular Indonesian Actresses

Indonesian actress Manda Cello is more than just a screen performer she is also a singer and a model. This young lady has not been in the acting game for a very long time but she is quickly becoming a recognisable talent. Cello is getting her acting skills up to par. In the film Iseng, she did a pretty good job with her role and critics agree that she is good enough to keep a person’s attention while on screen.

6. Acha Septriasa

Most Popular Indonesian Actresses 2019

Acha Septriasa is a sexy vixen who is young, hot and tempting. Even though she is physically desirable – she is also a great actress who has been in the game for well over 10 years. She has been doing commercial, television and films since she was a young girl. Sptriasa is one of the highest paid actresses in Indonesia. This is a testament to this performer’s skill, marketable looks and the right choice of roles that she took on during the course of her careers.

5. Ratna Kharisma Adzana

Most Popular Indonesian Actresses

Ratna Kharisma Adzana has acting in her blood. She is one amongst the top 10 most popular Indonesian actresses in 2018. She is a beautiful young lady. She is primarily known for her role on the show Sinertron. She has been selected to play a role in the upcoming motion picture Ketika Cinta Jatuh Cinta. Audiences can expect to see more from Adzana in the future because she is a vetted actress with strong connections and an amazing acting ability.

4. Natasha Wilona

Most Popular Indonesian Actresses

Natasha is beautiful and a very eye catching young lady. She is still a minor but is considered one of the most important actresses within the nation. She has been performing for some time and many people around the nation really love this young lady. Wilona is fun to watch and she has talent to back up her charming personality. Wilona is has a great film presence and she is on her way to greatness.

3. Sekar Sari

Most Popular Indonesian Actresses

Sekar Sari has been around for a while. She has been acting in some really good films including the highly rated motion picture Siti. She won an award for Best Performance. She is a very versatile actress that also doubles as a news presenter. That’s right she’s an actress who is also a respected journalist within her nation. Sari is still young and her career choices are going to help cement her legacy within the world of Indonesian film and news.

2. Yuki Kato

Most Popular Indonesian Actresses

Yuki Kato is an Indonesian woman who has a Japanese father. She has been acting a very long time. This young lady is 20 and is one of Indonesia’s biggest rising stars in the business. Kato is on her way to becoming a legendary actress within the nation. She is very famous and well respected within her career. Many people like Kato and enjoy seeing her perform in film.

1. Dinda Hauw

Most Popular Indonesian Actresses

Dinda Hauw is acting since she was a child. She has the experience, the ability and the skill to be considered one of the best screen performers in all of Indonesia. Even though she is young she is rapidly rising through the ranks on her to becoming a recognised star within this industry. Hauw is beautiful and she loves to perform. This young lady also adorns her many fans and is truly grateful to be the shining star that she has become.

All of these Indonesian actresses have the talent and beauty to last a long time within the field of acting. They are all on their way to becoming the next generation of great acting talent.

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